Devon Kearny, NJ

This is a bank REO they just took back in Sheriff sale. Looks like me doing the banks work has paid off. They are selling the house to me for  $285,000.00 and by all accounts the house is worth at least $100,000.00 more.
This is an oversized 2 family. I am told with slight improvements it could go for $425,000.00 or better. It needs about 25k to bring it to that value of just sell it now and turn a quick profit.

Purchase price 285,000
Closing Costs 2000
Rehabilitation 25000
Carry Costs 6000
Total Investment 318000
Sales 425000
Quick Sale
Purchase Price 285,000.00
Closing Costs 2000
Carry Costs 3000
Sale 375000
Margin of Safety     85000

Either way its a winner and your investment will not only be protected but grow as anticipated.