Lunar seeks lending partners to participate in large note purchases

Lunar Site Pic 6Lunar Investments seeks experienced direct lending partners with the ability to fully-underwrite and provide funding, up to a pre-determined threshold, for the purpose of assisting Lunar in the bulk purchase of residential mortgage notes. Whether arranged prior to submitting a purchase bid or post-close, certain debt structures can be advantageously utilized, without sacrificing execution efficiency. We are typically interested in evaluating the following lending terms:

- Loan Amount (As described by maximum % of appraised/BPO value) or
- Equity Requirement (As described by Lunar’s % of first-in, last-out funding)
- Construction Expenses (Either shared or Lunar’s responsibility)
- Interest Rate
- Security/Collateral
- Loan Term
- Amortization
- Pre-payment or
- Yield Maintenance
- Other Fees

If you are a lender interested in working with Lunar, please give us a call to discuss.