Founder’s Profile

Lunar Site Pic 3John Giorgi, Esq. established Lunar Investments, LLC in 2009, for the purpose of acquiring and developing real estate for multi-tenant use. Given the state of the financial markets and the availability of under-performing assets, John decided to utilize the instincts, capital, and banking resources developed over his 20-yr career as a real estate attorney to build a proprietary portfolio of cash-flowing commercial properties. With his construction background and great relationships among distressed asset managers at local and regional banks, John decided to position Lunar to capitalize on the tremendous supply of residential real estate opportunities, as well. He soon became a sought-after specialist in this regard and decided to focus his efforts solely on residential development. Often asked to assist with the disposition of bank-related assets, John has established a successful track record of purchasing residential notes at a deep enough discount to enable a fairly stabilized return for investors.

To raise his first round of capital, John solicited interest among a group of his fellow Rutgers Executive MBA classmates. He successfully raised $800,000 toward the end of 2010. The initial capital was deployed through a structure whereby Lunar paid variable returns of up to of 20%, on a project by project basis. Since inception, Lunar has completed 24 individual transactions with proprietary capital of $6.3MM, yielding a gross return on investment of approximately $9.3MM, for a 47.44% internal rate of return over the life of investment fund.

Beginning in 1991, Mr. Giorgi focused on building his law practice, which concentrated on litigation, banking, and real estate transactions. Given the many multi-billion dollar REO transactions the firm was appointed paymaster for, John’s firm grew to seven members, exceeded $3.6MM in annual revenue, and is still very active today. John also founded Advanced Medical Management, Inc. in 1994, which provided comprehensive back office solutions and support to physician practices, and generated more than $1MM in annual revenues.

John has a B.S. in Political Science and Business from University of Scranton, PA. He earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Dayton, School of Law. John also earned an Executive MBA at Rutgers University in 2010. John is currently a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and formerly a Licensed Lender registered with the States of New Jersey, Tennessee, and Florida Departments of Banking and Insurance.