Investor Testimonials

I have had the great fortune of being John’s professor in Rutgers Executive MBA program for two years, and his client later, in a real estate transaction. The man is brilliant, articulate, sincere, financially savvy, tough, and absolutely relentless. With him in your corner, you sleep well.

Farrokh Langdana, Ph.D.,
Professor, Finance/Economics, Rutgers Business school
Director, Rutgers EMBA Program

When I originally talked to John about the opportunity to invest in his fund, I was taken by the strategic advantage the fund had in obtaining assets that provided a margin of safety to its investors. For those interested in a safe and reliable alternative to other short-term fixed income investment vehicles, please take the time to consider Lunar as an option. I wish John and his team the best of luck.

John Moorman, MPA, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Cooperative Counseling Services, LLC
Mountainside, NJ

I’ve know the founder, John, for over 6 years and he is one of the savviest business people I know. This made it easy to invest with John and Lunar in 2010 and beyond. John is very approachable, easy to get in contact with, and never turns down a chance to explain his business and lucrative opportunities.

Brian Melgaard
New Jersey

As an attorney, I often get calls from bankers and brokers to invest my money. While my office does real estate transactions, I never knew about the profitable opportunity to buy distressed mortgage notes. Lunar has made investing simple and tracking the deals through the public records makes them transparent. I would have never known of this opportunity on my own. John and Lunar are those special kind of guys who know how to turn bad mortgage debt into big profits and the returns are far better than any bank or CD.

Peter M. Rozano, Esq.
Hoboken, NJ

I have been investing with Lunar since there inception. The returns are “out of this world” compared to what the bank is paying and the stock market is far too risky for me and my family. Lunar has a very novel and safe way of investing and I would never be afforded the opportunity to buy mortgage notes on my own. The fact that Lunar has the knowledge, experience, access to bank notes and has created the opportunity for me to invest in these lucrative investments has made me a solid investor in Lunar.

Russell Gibson
Financial Officer
St. Barnabas Health System
West Orange, NJ

Having been involved in prior failed investments it was nice to find an investment platform that not only protects your principal investment but actually provides a return greater than when I expected. Lunar has been nothing but open and transparent from day one. It is nice to sit back and let someone else do all the work while I watch my portfolio grow. Having done a Joint Venture with Lunar I made almost 16% on my first investment and my investment continues to grow with each closed transaction.

Claire Hart
Small Business Owner
Ontario, Canada

Not knowing a lot about real estate investing and having very little legal experience it was nice to have Lunar walk me through the process and take their time to explain exactly what they did and how they added value to the real estate investing process. Coming from a medical background it was nice to have someone show me the process. I have been involved in many successful transaction with Lunar and profited far beyond the bank rate of return. I will continue forward with them as they expand their footprint in New Jersey real estate investing.

Cat Ko
Chief Nutritionist
St. Barnabas Health System
Mahwah, NJ