Union, NJ

This is a bank note. Due to CFBP regulation I do not want to violate borrowers rights. This is a two (2) family home in Union. Late Stage foreclosure. Vacant and listed for sale. Needs work.

Recall 1519 Vaushall. I bought it for $190,000.00 and put 60k into it and sold is for $340,000.00. The numbers here are similar however the bank wants $170,000.00 (I want to pay $150,000.00 and I probably need to put the 25-35 into it. End value should be around 300,000.00.

This is a hard one to show numbers since its a mortgage note but its still a great buy and no lose situation. Reason it is difficult is I can’t get inside of the home. But from the real estate listing it looks like minimal work need to be done.