Who We Are

Lunar Site Pic 5Lunar Investments, LLC is a New Jersey-based residential real estate development and opportunity fund. Lunar pools capital from accredited investors to purchase residential mortgage notes bundled together and sold by banks to other banks, hedge funds and large institutional investors. Once these assets are purchased at a negotiated discount, Lunar embarks on a comprehensive rehabilitation process, then markets and re-sells each single family home for a profit.

Banks often offer large pools of mortgage notes for sale to qualified buyers, either directly or through intermediaries, in an effort to efficiently offload their inventory of distressed assets. Rather than go through the arduous, expensive, and time-consuming process of foreclosure, it is highly beneficial for banks to sell these assets to other opportunistic parties, in an effort to effect a more productive resolution or “work-out” for the asset.

By negotiating the sale of discounted notes to bulk buyers like Lunar, banks can replenish cash reserves and move on with the business of banking. While Lunar is positioned with investor funds at the ready, and the tools necessary to capitalize on these opportunities, reasonable investment returns can be sustained over time.

Given the current surplus of distressed opportunities in the New Jersey market, Lunar is well-positioned to utilize its resources, market intelligence, and ingenuity to provide accredited investors with the means by which fixed returns on invested capital can be achieved with minimal risk.

Lunar is responsible for every aspect of investment management, including: initial acquisition due diligence; valuation analysis; site inspection; purchase negotiations; construction management; pro-forma return analysis; marketing & sales; and portfolio monitoring and reporting.